Changing the Name on Tickets

How to Change Names on Tickets for Your Guests

1. Access Transactions:

  • Open your dashboard and click on 'Transactions' in the pop-out menu.


2. Find the Transaction:

  • Use the search bar to find the specific transaction you want to modify. You can search by Buyer Name, Email Address, Last 4 digits of the credit card, Invoice ID, Date of purchase, or Payment type.



3. Initiate Name Modification:

  • Once you've located the transaction, click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Select 'Modify name on tickets.'



4. Choose Modification Type:

  • Bulk Modification: This option updates the name on all tickets within the transaction at once.


  • Individual Modification:

    • Tickets Grouped Under: Change the name under which all tickets are grouped. Useful if one person is picking up tickets for a group of guests.



    • Name on Ticket: Click 'See ticket details' to change the name on each individual ticket received by the ticket buyer.



5. Make Changes:

  • For individual modifications, update the names as necessary.

6. Confirm and Save:

  • After updating the names, click 'Update' to confirm the changes.

7. Confirmation: