Frequently Asked Questions: Ticket Buyers

What forms of payment does Showpass accept?

Showpass accepts all major credit cards. 


What are the Showpass fees showing up on my receipt?

The Showpass Fees are a combination of mandatory online processing fees and credit card authorization fees and our own administrative fee that we charge in order to continue to give you the best service possible.


How do I create a Showpass account?

Check out this article to create your own Showpass account! 


How long do transfers take?

Ticket transfers can take up to 60 minutes to arrive, but they usually arrive within 10-15 minutes after being sent. 


How do I accept a transfer?

To claim a transfer, a link will be sent to your email address that will then prompt you to accept.


Can I checkout without using Facebook?

Yes. You can either use our guest checkout feature, or sign up for your own Showpass account


How do I retrieve my forgotten password?

You can reset your password by following these instructions.


What if my discount code isn't working?

If you have a discount code for your event and you believe it should be valid and working, you will want to reach out to the event organizers to ask why you aren't able to apply it.


How do I use a discount code?

Follow these instructions if you are unsure of how to apply your discount code to your purchase.


Why don't I have to enter payout information if my discount is 100%?

We only require your payment info if there is a price for the ticket. If your discount code makes your ticket free, you only have to put your name on your ticket and you are all done! 


Do I have to print my tickets?

Our system allows organizers to scan the ticket PDFs or your Universal QR Code directly from your phone, but you can print them off if you'd like!


Can I resell Showpass tickets?

Reselling tickets goes against our terms of service as tickets sold outside of our platform cannot be guaranteed as valid.


How do I know if a ticket I'm buying from someone else is valid?

Tickets purchased through unauthorized third party sellers CANNOT be guaranteed as valid.


What if the tickets I want aren't showing up in my cart?

Either the tickets are in another customer's cart, or you have a cookie blocker.


Will payments be taken automatically for my payment plan?

If you selected the payment plan option during the checkout process, the instalments will be taken out of your bank account automatically on the agreed upon dates. Once you reach the end of the plan, the ticket will be released to you! 


Can I pay off my payment plan in advance?

If you'd like to pay off your payment plan sooner, connect with us at . Please ensure the full balance is available to charge the card we have on file.


Can I exchange my tickets from a payment plan?

No, tickets purchased on payment plans are not eligible for exchange.

What if the name on the ticket doesn't match the person who is going to use it?

It is up to the event organizers to determine if they require the name on the ticket to match the person using the ticket. We always recommend reaching out to the event organizers  to determine if the name on the ticket must match the person using the ticket. 


What if I put in the wrong billing address?

If your purchase went through successfully, you don't need to change anything! Even if you made a mistake, your credit card accepted the mistake you made and was able to process your payment. You have your tickets and you are good to go.


What if I put in the wrong shipping address?

If you are buying tickets that require a shipping address and you entered the details incorrectly, you will want to reach out to us so we can make the proper changes. Please send us an email at with the details of your purchase, and what you would like the address changed to!


Can I exchange my tickets?

If exchanges are allowed by the organizer, you can do so by following these instructions! However, if exchanges are not enabled you will need to contact the organizer directly to inquire about exchanging tickets. 


How do I find my tickets?

Follow these instructions if you are unable to find your tickets.


How can I transfer my tickets or products to a friend?

Follow these instructions to transfer your tickets and/or products to a friend.


What if the credit card I used to purchase my tickets has expired or been cancelled and I need a refund?

If your card has expired or been cancelled, you will need to reach out to your financial institution. 


How do I get a refund?

If you'd like a refund on a ticket you've purchased, we recommend getting in touch with the event organizer.


How do I delete my Showpass account?

We do not recommend deleting your profile, as you will lose records of all current and previous purchases and will have to create a new account next time you want to buy Showpass tickets. However, we do understand personal preference and if you'd still like to delete it and can be done so on your account profile page