Cancelling Your Event

If you have to cancel your event, we are here to help you out!

If you need to cancel and refund your event, you are able to do so through your organizer dashboard! However, you are only able to cancel and refund for events that are in the future. 

Cancelling your event

Open up your dashboard pop-out menu and select ‘Manage Events.’


Find the event you are looking to cancel and select ‘Manage.’



On the top right hand side, you will see the status of your event with a drop down menu beside it. From the drop down select ‘Cancel & Refund.’


In order for the dropdown to show with cancellation, all of these need to be true:
  • Event has sales
  • Event status must be active, postponed, or cancelled
  • Venue does not have refunds disabled
  • Event does not have a payout
  • Event must not already be refunded or refund in progress
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 9.12.02 PM.png


You will receive the following refund option:

Full Refund + Org Fees + Commissions + Showpass Fees (Fees Invoiced)

  • This option will refund the customer the full amount of their transaction back to their credit card or bank account if purchased with Interac online.
  • Includes all taxes, organizer fees, shipping fees, seller commissions, and Showpass fees.
  • We require the organizer to pay this fee via credit card before processing the refund.


After filling in the credit card information, you will be prompted to go to the next step where you will need to confirm the event cancellation details.


Once confirmed, you will be taken back to the manage event page where it will show you that a refund is progress.




Important Information:

  • If postponing your event is an option, learn how to do so here.
  • If you are absorbing service fees, processing fees, and/or taxes, you will only be able to process a Full Refund Inc. Service Fees. 
  • If you do not have this option to cancel your event, please send a message to your account manager, or send us an email at