Financial Reporting Terminology

Our reporting shares the same general terminology. If you are confused as to the meaning of any of the terminology found in our reporting, you should be able to find it below:
Most of these data points are only available in the itemized sales report. But the terminology should be consistent throughout the site.

Reporting Terminology

Term Definition

Gross Sales

The total sales value for all transactions reported in a period before discounts, refunds, and service fees are removed


Refers to the total value of discounts applied


Refers to total value of refunds issued

Net Sales

The total sales value for all transactions reported in a period after all refund and discounts are accounted for - this is what the customer paid
Service Fees Combined total of all Showpass Fees and Processing Fees
Showpass Fees Refers to fees we issue to cover administrative and service costs
Processing Fees Refers to credit card processing fees



Account Credits Applied

Any exchange or account credits applied
Account Credits Refunds


When a customer is refunded, but to account credits instead of reverting funds to their credit card

Exchanged Out

Refers to total value of tickets that have been exchanged out of one event for another

Gross Revenue

Total value after all Service Fees, Account Credits, and Exchanges are deducted from Net Sales
Net Revenue


Total value after taxes and organizer fees are deducted from Gross Revenue

Organizer Fees

Total custom organizer fees charged to the customer


Total custom taxes charged by the organizer to the customer


Any adjustments required, this will include any cash or other payment type sales, advances, custom external gateways used etc.

Settlement Amount

Amount deposited to client from Showpass 

Donation Amount

Total value of donations generated for Canadian Online Giving Foundation registered charity (Benevity Integration Only)
Transaction Quantity
Total number of items in the particular invoice item
Item Quantity
Total number of valid items in the transaction - this number will change based on refunds/voids
Scanned Quantity Number of tickets scanned in
Scan Limit Indicates the scan limit with the multi scan option included
Transfer Quantity Total number of tickets transferred