Ticket Credits

Ticket credits allow customers to pre-purchase tickets to your event, for redemption at a later time. 

When a customer buys a ticket type that has a ticket credit attached, they will receive a code with a certain number of credit(s) that they can redeem for tickets at a later time. As an organizer, you can choose what tickets are available for ticket credit redemption. 


Creating Event

First, you will need to create the event that people can purchase credits through. To do so, you will set it up like a normal event following the basic or advanced instructions.

 Important to note: If you want a single customer to be able to purchase multiple ticket credits, (such as two seasons pass credits for future use), you must enable the 'Require Guest Info for Each Ticket' option on the Credit Event. By doing so, both the customer and their guest can buy two tickets to the same event using their individual credits.



If you wish to enable customers to purchase two ticket credits and use them for a joint attendance at a specific event, please contact clients@showpass.com or reach out to your Client Success Manager. Ask to have multiple discounts enabled for redemption on your account.


Disabling PDF Confirmation

If you do not want to send a barcode and ticket credit info at this time then, before you save the event, you will need to disable the PDF confirmation since Ticket Credits need to be redeemed to an event.
To do this, go to the ‘Ticket Types’ section and select the gear icon on your ticket type.



Select 'Notifications' from the top menu.




Check off the box that says 'Exclude in Purchase Confirmation Email' and then hit 'Next.'




Please note: The date of this event does not have to match the dates of the event(s) that the credits are valid for.


Creating Ticket Credits

Once your event is set up, navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select ‘Ticket Credits.’



In the top right hand corner, select ‘New Ticket Credit.’




A pop up will appear where you will need to fill out the following:

  • Ticket Credit Name: Name of the ticket credit you are creating
  • Limit Per Event, Per User: If you would like to put in a limit per user per event




Once filled out, select ‘Save.’
From there, move on to column two and in the field ‘Events Added,’ search for the event that you had created for the Ticket Credits.




Once your event is selected, the ticket types associated to it will appear. You will then be able to enter in how many ticket credits are issued on that ticket type.

Please note: If you would like multiple ticket types offering different credits, set them up as different ticket credits.




If you don't have the events created yet for which the credits will be redeemed for, you will then select ‘Save’ in the top right hand corner and people will be able to purchase the credits that they can use at a later date. However, it is your responsibility to let ticket buyers know when the events are created that they can redeem their credits for.




If you do have the events created that the ticket credits are redeemable for, you will move on to section 3 called ‘Events Enabled’ and search for the events that Ticket Credits will be redeemable towards.




Once you have the events that you'd like the credits to be applied towards, you will need to enable them by selecting the red ‘X’ beside the event names.




Once enabled, it will look like the following. If you'd like to disable a certain ticket type from being redeemable, you will need to select the green checkmark beside it.




Once you have all of the events and ticket types enabled for the credits, you can select ‘Save’ in the top right corner.




Your ticket credits will now be purchasable by ticket buyers. To see what it looks like for them, check out this article!