Setting Up Charitable Donations

How to setup donations on your event

Charitable donations can be set up when you create your event, or after. If you are adding donations during the event set up process, you will want to follow the instructions in this article to set up an event, and then complete the following:


If you haven't, select 'Show Advanced Settings.'


Click on 'Charitable Donations.'


You are then able to search through a list of 85,868 Registered Canadian charities in the 'Select a Charity' search bar and choose which one you would like to add to your event! As well, you can customize the suggestion donation amount, and add in a message to appear during the checkout process.


Save your event and the donation option will be there when people go to checkout now.


If you are enabling donations after the event has been created, you will want to select 'Manage Events,' on your dashboard pop-out menu.



Find the event that you would like to add donations to and select 'Edit.'



You will then be able to follow the rest of the instructions above to get donations added to your event!