Custom Reports

Our reports feature allows you to quickly and easily generate reports with custom fields right away or on a set schedule. To get there, you'll need to select 'Reports' from your Dashboard Pop Out Menu.

Create Your Report

You will need to enter in a name for your report, and then select what type of report it will be from the dropdown list.


Depending on the type of report you choose, it can either be a downloaded as a CSV, PDF, or Excel Workbook.
Please note: If you intend to generate a report with .xlsx format, we recommend that you use Excel for the best possible formatting.
You can then select a recurring event, individual events, or all events to be included in the report that you are generating.
The next step is to determine if you want to include all of the columns associated the report, or exclude some.
Please note: Each report has different columns associated to them.
Once you click on 'Select Columns,' all of the columns associated with the report will appear If you don't want specific ones on the report, just unselect it from the list.
After you have selected the columns, you are able to the choose the date range. You can choose from the pre-determined timelines in the dropdown menu, or enter in a custom date selection.
To email the report directly from Showpass, you can do so by selecting 'Email Report.'
You will enter in the email(s) you would like it to go to and select 'Add email.' You can also choose a specific time of day to send the email.
If you would like to remove an email from this list, just select the x beside the email address.
You can also choose the frequency that the report is generated from the dropdown menu.
Once all of the information you need is filled in, you can then either 'Save', or 'Save + Generate Report.'
With both option, the report will save below and then you have the options to edit it, clone it, download it, or delete it.
Once the report is generated, you are able to come back and view it at any time as long as it hasn't been deleted.

Report Types

The following reports are available to download from the Reports page as either CSVs, PDFs, or both!
  • The Transactions Report is a high level view of all of the transactions for your organization. For a more detailed view, please use the Itemized Sales Report.
Customers and Employees
  • The Customers and Employees Report allows you to dive deeper into both your customers and employees. You are able to see if a customer is subscribed to marketing materials, total tickets purchased, their net spent at your org, etc. 
Will Call
  • The Will Call Report will show you non financial information associated with your event(s). This report can also be ran based on specific ticket types and ticket status. 
Itemized Sales Report
  • The Itemized Sales Report is the report that offers the most information over all. It is also fully customizable to fit your reporting needs.
Settlement Report
  • The Settlement Report gives you a breakdown of what was included on each payout invoice. CSV and PDF options available.
Ticket Sales History
  • The Ticket Sales History Report will show you graphs to track your sales, as well as provide information on the quantity of tickets sold and the gross revenue.
Employee Sales History
  • The Employee Sales History Report will provide information for specific timeslots to show how many tickets employees are selling and the gross revenue associated with the sales. 
Event Summary
  • The Event Summary Report will give you a break down of the event(s) that you have chosen to run the report for.
Event Audit
  • The Event Audit Report will provide a general overview of your event performance, intended for vendors to send to artists.
Payment Type Breakdown
  • The Payment Type Breakdown Report allows you to run a report on an event(s) and see how each payment type is broken down. You are able to group these reports by either running them for each main event, or having them further broken down by each individual occurrence.
Event Financial Summary
  • The Event Financial Report shows you a high level financial breakdown of the events that you are hosting. Like the Payment Type Breakdown, you can run this report for the main event(s), or have it broken down into each individual occurrence. 
Ticket Type Financial Summary
  • Ticket Type Financial Summary shows financial information for the specific ticket types relating to the client's events
Ticket Type Summary
  • Like the Event Summary Report, the Ticket Type Summary shows a high level breakdown of each type type(s) that have been selected.
Password Used Summary
  • The Password Used Summary shows you the statistics on your event and/or ticket type passwords.
Seller Stats
  • The Seller Stats Report shows you how much each seller you have has done in sales for the event(s) selected.
Shipping Fulfillment Stats
  • If you have shipping for tickets and/or products, the Shipping Fulfillment Stats Report will show you which people you need to send items out to.
Ticket Scan History Report
  • The Ticket Scan History Report will show you how many times each ticket has been scanned for an event(s).
Employee Scan History Report
  • The Employee Scan History Report will show you how many times each employee has scanned in a ticket to the event(s) selected.
Discount Creation Report
  • The Discount Creation Report will allow you to differentiate between credits and discounts. It will also show all associated information with each code created.
Discount Usage Stats
  • The Discount Usage Stats will show you all of the stats associated to each discount code or ticket credit that you have created.
Event/Product Inventory Report
  • The Event/Product Inventory Report will allow you easily keep track of product inventory and see if products were purchased while people were checkout out of certain events.
Hold Stats Report
  • The Holds Stats Report will allow you to see all of the stats associated with each hold created for your events.
Member Report
  • The Member Report will allow you track the members belonging to different membership groups, as well as their specific membership levels they are associated with.
Member History Report
  • The Member History Report will allow you see the past performance of both previous and existing members belonging to different membership groups and levels.
Membership Benefit Usage Report
  • The Membership Benefit Usage Report shows you how membership benefits are being used by your members.