Setting Refund Policies

Having a refund policy is important as it sets the expectations for the customer, and can help avoid complaints down the line. The refund policy can be set at an over arching Organization level, or at an event level. Although not guaranteed, having a refund policy can also help protect you against chargebacks. 

Organization Refund Policy

In order to set your organization's refund policy, you will need to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select Organization Info




You will then need to go to Financial Settings on the left hand side menu



Scroll to below the area that you would use to input your fees and taxes and you will see the section that says Refund Policy. This is where you would enter in your organization's default refund policy




Once you've filled this out, select save and your refund policy will now be visible to ticket buyers


Event Refund Policy

If you set an event level refund policy, it will override the refund policy that you've set for your organization. To do this, you can either set it while you are creating the event, or after the event has been created by editing it.


On the left hand side menu, you will want to go to Legal Policies & Important Info



You will see the box where you will be able to fill in the event specific refund policy



Once updated, select Save Event


The refund policy will be visible to the ticket buyer on the event page, and if they select Help & Info.


Please note: Showpass will always direct the customer to the event organizer to request a refund.