Adding and Managing Your Employees

You are able to add employees to your organization and also control what permissions that they have.

Adding Employees

To do this, you will want to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Employees.'
To add an employee, you will then want to click on 'Add Employee' on the top right hand side.
You then have the option to upload employees one at a time, or through a CSV.
You will need to select a role for the employee no matter which way you choose to add them:
  • All Access: Have access to every feature on Showpass, but are not the owners of the organization
  • Owner: Has access to every feature on Showpass and is the owner of the organization
  • Past Employee: Have no access to features on Showpass. This is often used to maintain past employees who have left the organization
  • Ticket Scanner: Have limited access to the features on Showpass and are only able to scan tickets for an event
  • Ticket Seller: Have limited access to the features on Showpass and are only able to sell tickets through the Box Office


Please note: If none of these roles fit what you are looking for, you can create your own.

If you upload one at a time, you will need to add in First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number (not required)

Selecting 'Add More Employees' will allow you to add more people at one time.

Selecting 'Add Employee' will finalize your selections and add the employee(s) to your organization.





If you choose to upload through CSV, you will see the requirements of the CSV by click on the question mark beside the Upload CSV button.

Please note: You can only do a CSV upload for one role at a time.




Once the CSV is upload, select 'Add Employee' and the employees will be added to your organization.


Managing Employee Permissions

Clicking on 'Manage Permissions' in the top right hand corner will let you view what access each role has on a feature basis.
If you'd like to edit these permissions, or create your own, click on 'Manage Roles' in the top right hand corner.
You will not be able to change the permissions for the defaults, but you will be able to change the names by click on the edit button or deleting them completely. 
To create your own roles, enter in a name for it and then select 'Add.'
To edit the permissions this role has, select the key button beside it.
You will then be able to choose which features this role has access to by selecting them in the 'Permissions Manager.'

Editing Employees

If you'd like to edit the role that an employee has, or the alerts they're getting, you will need to select the icon beside their name in the 'Actions' column.




You can choose to delete the employee, change their permission, and also change the alerts they receive. Once edited, select save and the permissions and alerts will update.