Creating a Discount Code

Showpass provides its clients with the ability to offer different types of discounts. Clients can apply discounts to tickets, memberships, or products, using either a percentage (%) off or a fixed dollar ($) value reduction. In this section, we will guide you on creating a discount code and configuring its permissions.
In order to create a discount code, you will need to navigate to the ‘Discounts’ section on your dashboard pop-out menu.




This is the main dashboard page for the Discount page. You can search for code/ event and create new discount codes from this page.
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.06.25 AM.png
In the top right hand corner, you will want to select ‘New Discount.’





Once selected, a pop up will open where you will need to fill in the following information:

  • Code: This is where you'll input what you want the code to be
  • Description: This is the description that will be shown when the discount is applied at checkout
  • Discount Unit: Choose either percent or dollar amount
  • Discount Percent/Amount: The actual percent or dollar amount the discount will be for
  • Total Limit: Total times the discount can be used
  • Limit Per User: Total times the discount can be used per user
  • Limit Per Event, Per User: Total times the discount can be used per event per user
  • Discount Starts On: Optional start time for the discount
  • Discount Ends On: Optional end time for the discount
  • Discount Availability: You can choose if it can be used in the box office, the public checkout, or both
  • Discount Permissions
    • Apply to all ticket types: Applies the discount to all ticket types
    • Apply to certain ticket types: Allows you to select which ticket types to apply the discount to
    • Exclude certain ticket types: Allows you to select which ticket types to exclude from the discount

  • Discount Application
    • Apply to each item individually: Will apply the discount to each eligible ticket in a basket
    • Single application to entire basket: Will apply the discount to the total amount of the basket

  • Select a Discount Type 
    • Ticket Discount: A reduction in the price of event tickets.
    • Membership Discount: A special offer to incentivize customers to join or renew a membership.
    • Product Discount: A discounted price offered on products for purchase.

  • If creating a ticket discount, select an Event Type
    • Single Event: All of the single events you have will appear and you can choose which ones to apply the discount to
    • Parent Event: If you select a parent event, the discount will automatically apply to all of the child events under it
    • Template Event: If you have events created from templates, all of the events will have the discount unless you check off otherwise
  • If creating a Membership discount, select applicable Memberships
  • If creating a Product discount, select applicable Products.

Events Enabled:
Where you can search for specific events to include or exclude from the discount

Once the information has been added in, select ‘Save’ to enable the code.
The discount will now show on the main discounts page




You will also be able to filter this page by discount code or description, events, or by showing only active codes.




If you want to bulk generate discount codes, find out how here.