Getting Paid for an Event

If a payout has been generated for your event, you will receive the payout 3-5 business days after it is generated depending on which financial institution you bank with. Payouts are paid by direct deposit. To ensure you have the correct banking information entered to receive your payout in a timely manner, you will need to open up your dashboard pop-out menu and go to Organization Info
From there, you will need to then go to Payment Details and Authorization
If you are a Canadian Organization you will see the following:
Ensure that you have the correct Institution #, Transit #, and Account # entered on this page
If you are US Organization you will see the following:


Ensure that you have the correct ACH Routing # and Account # entered

Both Canadian and US Organizations will also have the option to allow Showpass to credit or debit their account to keep financials up to date

Once everything is filled out correctly you are all set and will see a payout within the first few business days following the completion of your event!