Preset Ticket Packages

Definition: A preset ticket package refers to a predefined bundle of tickets where, upon purchasing the parent ticket, the customer automatically receives a fixed set of child tickets for specific events or activities. In this setup, the contents of the package are predetermined, offering customers a convenient and straightforward way to access multiple events or experiences with a single purchase. The term "preset" indicates that the package content is pre-established and consistent for all buyers.



Parent Event: This is the event that contains the parent ticket type, or the package ticket type.

Child Event: This is the event that contains the child ticket types (there can be multiple child events).

Parent Ticket: This is the ticket that ticket buyers purchase that send them all of the individual tickets in the package.

Child Ticket: This is the ticket that gets sent out when someone purchases a package (there can be multiple child tickets).

Example: Hockey Season Pass

Consider a hockey season ticket package as an example. When a customer purchases a Season Pass, they receive a set of child tickets, one for each game in the hockey season. In this scenario:

Parent Ticket: Season Pass

Child Tickets: One ticket for each individual game in the hockey season

Upon buying the Season Pass (the parent ticket), the customer is automatically granted access to attend every game included in the package without having to select or purchase tickets for each game separately. This fixed set of child tickets provides the customer with a hassle-free way to enjoy the entire hockey season.

Creating a Preset Ticket Package

Step 1) Create the Parent Event

The Parent Event serves as the foundation for your Ticket Package. It is a distinct event from the ones included in the package. In this event, you will define the Parent Ticket Type, which represents the entire package. When a customer buys the 'Parent Ticket,' they receive all associated 'Child Tickets.'

Step 2) Add Parent Ticket Types to the Parent Event

Within the Parent Event, add the Parent Ticket Types representing your Ticket Packages. For instance, you might create ticket types like "Weekend Pass" or "Adult Season Pass." These Parent Ticket Types form the basis of your packages.

Step 3) Create Child Events and Ticket Types

Ensure any child events that are part of the package are created. Define appropriate ticket types within these child events. Child events and ticket types can exist within the same event as the parent or different events, depending on the package content you wish to offer.

Step 4) Create Your Ticket Package

  • Go to your dashboard and open the pop-out menu.
  • Select 'Ticket Packages.'




Create a New Package:

  • Click 'Create Ticket Package' in the top right corner.
  • Choose 'Preset' and click 'Next.'






Specify Package Details:

  • Create a unique 'Package Name.'
  • Select the 'Parent Event.'
  • Choose the corresponding 'Parent Ticket Type.'




Save Your Package:
  • Once all child events and tickets are added, click 'Save Package.'
Please note: The child event and ticket types can be in the same event as the parent, or you can choose completely different events depending on what you'd like to be included in the package you are creating.
You can include as many different child events as you'd like. To add more child events and tickets, you just need to click on 'Add Child Ticket.'
Once finished adding child events and tickets to your package, select 'Save Package.'
Step 5: Manage Your Package
Your package is now visible on the 'Ticket Packages' main page. Here, you can:
  • View package details.
  • Edit the package if necessary.
  • Delete the package if no longer needed.


When attendees access the parent event, they will have the option to purchase the package you have created, offering them a convenient way to access multiple events with a single purchase.