Fighting Disputes (External Processor)

While we are unable to directly handle disputed charges on your behalf when using your own payment processor, we provide guidance and support throughout the dispute process, increasing your chances of resolving issues with the bank and cardholder successfully. 

It is advisable for Event Organizers to proactively plan for potential scenarios involving fraudulent transactions, lost disputes, refunds, and revenue loss. We recommend establishing a financial reserve to mitigate the impact of such situations and ensure the smooth operation of events.

How to respond to disputes:

To effectively respond to disputes and improve your chances of winning, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Submit Evidence: Provide supporting documentation, such as scanned tickets, to demonstrate that the customer attended the event or received the purchased goods/services.

  2. Communication with the Customer: Share any relevant communications you had with the customer that support the legitimacy of the purchase and their satisfaction with the event or product.

  3. No Refund Policy: Highlight your event's or business's no refund policy, if applicable, to reinforce that the transaction was made with the understanding that refunds are not typically provided.

  4. Reach Out to the Customer: Contact the customer to establish the legitimacy of the transaction and address any concerns or misunderstandings. This can help resolve the dispute amicably.

By following these steps and providing strong evidence, clear communication, and proactive engagement, you increase your chances of successfully winning and resolving disputes in your favour.


Please visit Stripe for more information on responding to disputes and using their Dashboard to submit evidence; 


*By choosing Showpass as your payment processor, you gain the advantage of having a dedicated fraud team on your side.