Distributing and Transferring Items

As a Group Sale Distributor, you've now created your Showpass account and accepted the Group Sale Transfer. From the Distribution Portal, you'll be able to transfer a smaller quantity of tickets and products to guests in your network.





Transferring Tickets from a Group Sale

In the Distribution Portal, click on “Transfer Items” in the top right hand corner. 


You'll be prompted to select the event and tickets to transfer out. If the event has assigned seating, you will select the individual seats within your allotted group sale to issue on a smaller scale.
Note: You are able to transfer items from different events, preventing the need to complete separate transfers.
Click ‘Transfer’ when ready to move on to the next step.

Assigned Seating:

In the dialogue box, you'll review the Transfer Details and click on "Confirm" to continue! 
You will then receive a pop-up confirmation that the transfer was successful.