Scanning Memberships

When scanning memberships, this can be done using our Checkin app with Zebra Scanners!

Selecting Memberships

On the selection screen, there will be a new tab in which you can choose ‘Memberships’ to select the membership desired for scanning/checking in. Once you have selected the memberships that you want to check in, click ‘Next.’


On the ‘Finalize selection screen, you will be able to select which membership levels within the selected membership you want to choose for scanning/checking in. After you have selected the desired levels, click ‘Start Scanning.’


Checking In Memberships

Once you begin the check in process, there are multiple ways to access membership scanning.
  • Search for the Membership
  • Scanning Universal QR code
  • Scanning Membership Barcode


Search for Membership

On the search screen, you can search for memberships using a search term i.e. user email, barcode, name. It will bring up any membership accesses that are valid for the selected membership and levels or events scan accesses.


Scanning Universal QR code

On the Universal QR screen, you will be able to view any membership accesses that are linked to the Universal QR Code that has been scanned for the selected membership and levels or events scan accesses.
Please note: The Universal QR selection screen for memberships will only appear when events and memberships have both been selected during the selection process.


Scanning Membership Barcode

When scanning a membership barcode, the scan membership screen will display, allowing you to choose the number of scans you wish to scan in. It will display any membership accesses that are attached to the membership barcode being scanned.
Please note the following:
  • When scanning in a membership barcode, if the barcode is redeeming a single scan (i.e. has one scan available (0/1)), the app will attempt to scan the code and will skip this screen and go directly to the scan result screen. This screen will appear when there are either multiple accesses or multiple scans within an access.
  • When solely scanning memberships and no events have been selected during the selection process, Universal QR codes will carry out the same functionality as membership barcodes (i.e. go to the scan membership screen below or attempt to scan in a single scan).



Scanning Messages

Scan Success                              


Scan Error/Failure

If this occurs:
  • Check to make sure the membership account information is correctly entered
  • Make sure the membership is up-to-date (has been renewed on time)
  • Try holding the device further from the QR/barcode.