Purchasing Memberships

Customers are now able to purchase memberships on a new detail page!



Viewing Membership Information

After selecting a membership to purchase, customers will see one of two interfaces.

1) Original Interface

The original interface (see below) will be visible for the next 1-2 months.
When selecting ‘Buy Tickets,’ the following popup will appear:
After selecting the quantity of memberships desired, click ‘Checkout’ to continue to the payment process (more on this below).

2) New Interface

The new interface will appear like the following:

Membership Info

When you select the ‘Membership Info’ tab, the following information is available for viewing:
Selecting ‘Organizer Profile’ will take you to the Organizer’s profile page.
Selecting ‘Help & Info’ will present the following popup:
Selecting ‘Contact Us’ will present the following popup:



While on the ‘Memberships’ tab, customers can select their desired number of memberships, and then select ‘Purchase Memberships.’


Purchasing Memberships

Step 1:

After going through either the original or new interfaces, customers will be presented with the following page:
It is here that promo, discount, or credit codes can be added.
Customers can select either:
1) Single Payment
2) Pay with Affirm
When satisfied, customers will click ‘Next.’

Step 2:

Customers will then input the information of the one purchasing the membership(s).
Please note: The purchaser info does not need to match the membership info.
When completed, customers will click ‘Next.’

Step 3:

Customers will then add the membership information.


Step 4:

Next, customers will input their payment information.

Single Payment

If ‘Single Payment’ was selected in Step 1, then the ‘Credit Card’ option will be auto-selected. You can change your preference here with the following options:
  • Link
  • Credit Card
  • Interac
  • Affirm



If ‘Affirm’ was selected in Step 1, then the ‘Affirm’ option will be auto-selected.


Step 5:

After selecting your payment preference, you will then add in your ‘Billing Address’ and, after clicking the red ‘Pay’ button, you will complete the payment.


Step 6:

Upon completing the payment, the customer will receive an email confirmation with their membership information. This information, including their membership barcode, can also be viewed in their Showpass account dashboard.