Square Terminal: Setup

Getting Started for the First time

  • Charge the Terminal
    • Plug the Terminal into a power source and allow to charge for at least 4 hours to charge the battery. 
    • Square Terminals can be plugged into a power source or can be used completely wirelessly with a battery designed to last all day.
  • Turn ON
    • Press the power button on the left of the device for around 3 seconds to turn the Terminal 'ON.'
    • Tap on the blue 'Get Started' button.
    • Agree to the terms of use.
    • Choose your WIFI network and enter the password.
  • Link Showpass To Square
    • Sign into the Showpass website.
    • Press the 'Menu' icon in the top left corner, and under 'Settings' select 'Integrations.'
    • Next to the Square Icon select 'Connect Square Account.'
    • Sign in with your Square account.
    • Once signed in, you'll be redirected back to Showpass. Then select your Square location and press 'Save.'
    • Press the 'Connect Square Terminal' button.
    • A Square device code will now be generated to login into the Terminal with.
  • Sign In
    • On the Square Terminal, press the 'Sign In' button.
    • Tap the 'Use a device code' and enter the device code you generate from Showpass.com


Start Selling

  1. On the Showpass website, select the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select 'Sell Tix' to access the Box Office.

  3. In the Box Office you should see a green button called 'Square Terminal Connected.' If you don't, it means that the Terminal needs to be reconnected to Showpass.
  4. You can now begin making Box Office Sales, when you select 'Card' as the payment option and press the 'Process Order' button. 
  5. Showpass will connect to the Square Terminal and you will now be prompted for a Credit or Debit Card to complete the purchase.


Connect to Wifi

  1. Once the Terminal is 'ON,' swipe from the left of the screen to see the options menu.
  2. Select 'Settings,' then 'Network,' and then select your WIFI network and enter your password.
  3. After connecting to WIFI, your terminal may perform a software update. This may last for several minutes to 40 mins depending on your internet speed and update size.
  4. Next, in 'Settings,' and under 'General,' ensure that the 'Date & Time' is set to 'Auto.'