Cash Drawer: Setup



The only cash drawers that work with the Showpass App are printer driven, which means that they need to be plugged into the Star Micronics Bluetooth TSP650 printer or the Star Micronics Bluetooth MC Print 3 printer to work correctly. 



Cash Drawer won't open

  • Make sure the cash drawer is plugged in.
    • Connect the supplied cable from the cash drawer to the printer. Each cable end is labelled to ensure that the correct plug is connect to the correct piece of hardware.
  • Is the printer connect to the iPad?
    • Make sure that the printer is connected via bluetooth to the iPad. Run a test print to confirm that the connection works.
  • Unlock the cash drawer.
    • Ensure that the main lock has been unlocked with the supplied keys.
  • Is the Cash Drawer fully closed?
    • Make sure that the cash drawer has been fully closed before performing the next transaction.
  • Jammed inserts.
    • Moving the cash drawer may have lodge the internal dividers. Give the cash a little shake to dis-lodge anything that may have been caught.