Scanning in Tickets & Products with the Showpass App!

June 2023: Showpass new and improved iOS and Android apps are now available in the Apple and Google Play stores!


Click here to download the app for iOS. 

Click here to download the Showpass app for Android.


Note: We highly recommend using our new app for scanning tickets at your events! While the Dashboard app is still functional, the new app offers an enhanced ticket scanning experience, making it the preferred choice.


To Start:

In order to scan in tickets and/or products, you and your staff will need to download our mobile app for iOS! Android users will want to download Showpass from the Google Play Store. 



Once downloaded, open up the app and log in to your Showpass account by clicking on the menu in the top lefthand corner of your screen.




Once you're logged in, select "Dashboard" from the app menu.

Choose the organization for the event you will be scanning. In case you are affiliated with multiple organizations, utilize the search bar for quicker access!


After selecting the desired organization, you will be taken to the main page, where you have the option to toggle between ‘Upcoming Event’ and ‘Past Events.’


Select the event you're scanning for, and then click on the 'Next' button.
This will take you to the page where you can select which Ticket Types to scan in.
Once you have selected the Ticket Types you wish the scan, click the ‘Start Scanning’ button!
You can now use the camera on your device to to check in guests! The customer will present you with a barcode from the pdf version of their tickets for you to scan. 

Please note: Be sure that the app allows access to the device camera so that the scanner can read and process barcodes. It's best the customer has their phone brightness turned up and that the barcode is nice and clear.

Products and Memberships:

The ‘Products’ tab on the main Dashboard page will allow you to scan barcodes in redemption for marketplace products. The 'Memberships' tab will allow you to scan barcodes in redemption for  Memberships. Select which Membership or Product you're setting up to scan and click ‘Next':
The next screen will prompt you to select which variants of marketplace products or memberships to apply to the scan session. Continue on and begin scanning barcodes for redemption! 

Understanding Scan Results:

Checked In: The customer is successfully logged as scanned in and can enter the venue!

Ticket not Valid for this Event: The ticket presented by the customer does not match the selected event, ticket type, product, or membership selected by the scanner. This situation requires further investigation. Did the customer mistakenly present a ticket for a different event? Is the scanner missing the appropriate ticket type in its scan-in options

Ticket already Scanned: The barcode provided has already been used. It is possible that the customer is attempting re-entry or has shared their barcode. To verify, check the "history" section at the bottom of the screen to see if the customer was recently scanned in and if the app accidentally registered a double scan, resulting in a red screen.

Scan History:

When you tap the 'History' button at the bottom of the screen, you can view the scan history for your current session. Please note that the scan history resets each time you exit the scanning section of the app. On the following screen, you will find a list of customers who have been successfully scanned in during this session.



Scan Statistics:

Selecting the "Stats' button along the bottom of the screen will allow the scanner to check on the current statistics of scan-ins for the events, tickets, products or memberships that are actively selected at that time. If you're scanning within a check-in pre-set, you'll be presented with stats for that pre-set.