Star Micronics: Setup

Initial Printer Pairing


The Showpass App currently only supports the Star Micronics Printer (TSP650 II). We do not support the USB version.





To connect the printer ensure that it is connected to a power source and turned ON from the switch on the side.




On the iPad turn Bluetooth ON. To do this go to the iPad settings app and select Bluetooth, then toggle the switch to turn it ON.


On the back of the printer there should be a green solid LED light. This indicates that the print is not connected to anything. Press and hold the Pair button until you start to see a flashing green light, this indicates that the printer is ready to be paired.





Go back to the Settings App, under My Devices you should see Star Micronics. Select the printer and it should pair the printer to the iPad. To verify, check the LED on the back of the printer should now be solid Blue. You can also do a test print from the Showpass app using an existing transaction. 


Reconnecting a paired printer

If you have previously connected the printer and you want to reconnect it, put the printer into pairing mode again by holding the Pair button on the rear of the printer until it flashes green, then select the printer from My Devices. It should reconnect.