Boca Printer: Troubleshooting

Paper Jam

Sometimes a paper jam can cause a printer from printing or even loading paper correctly. To fix this first, turn the printer 'OFF' and 'ON' to see if it self ejects the jammed paper. If this does not eject the paper, try the following:

Turn 'OFF' the printer and unplug from the main power source. Open the printer to identify the jammed paper. Slowly and evenly pull out the paper, then turn the printer back 'ON.' Insert a new ticket and run a test print.

Artwork not printing to scale

Please ensure that you have selected the correct paper size in the print dialogue under Page Setup. The default ticket size is the 'Concert setting' size (5.5” width x 2.0” height) for regular sized tickets.


Ticket artwork printed 90 degrees to paper

Make sure that the printer paper is set to landscape on both the system level on your computer settings and also set as landscape on the print dialogue page. For best results use Adobe Acrobat and ensure that the settings are applied as default.


Can't print from web browser

If you can’t print from the web browser, It might be better to use Adobe Acrobat to print instead of printing directly from the web browser.

Firstly, make sure that Adobe Acrobat is installed on your machine. If not, head over to to download and install a free version of Acrobat.
Once downloaded and installed, ensure that Adobe Acrobat is set as the default program for PDFs downloaded from the web. Check your browser settings:
  • For example (Google Chrome): Select Browser Settings → Privacy & Security → Site Setting → Additional Content Settings → PDF Documents and select Download PDF


Ticket stock not loading

Below is a list of common issues for ticket stock not loading correctly into the printer:


  1. Ensure that the printer is plugged in and turned 'ON.'
  2. Check that the ticket stock is facing the right side up. E.g. Printable side is facing the ceiling.
  3. Ensure you are feeding the ticket stock from the rear of the printer and aligned to the printer guides next to the feeder wheels.
  4. Push the ticket as far into the printer as possible so that the feeder wheels can grab the paper.
  5. Ensure that the ticket stock is not broken, wrinkled or warped. If so please use a new ticket.
  6. Check for a paper jam. Turn the printer 'OFF' and 'ON' again to eject the paper. If it does not automatically get removed. Turn the printer 'OFF' and remove the printer lid to identify the jam. Pull the paper out slowly and evenly to prevent damaging the printer.


Blurry/ Bad Prints

The main reasons why a printer may print blurry or bad prints is that the printer head is dirty. It’s important to do regular maintenance to ensure your printer is working optimally.
First, turn the printer 'OFF' and unplug from the main power. Check that the thermal printer head is clean and free from any dust and debris. To do this: 
  1. Remove the top housing of the printer
  2. Remove the Cam lock mechanism
  3. Move the Head mounting block without discounting any cables
  4. Clean the Thermal Head with a Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-Tip to remove any debris
  5. Ensure the platen(rubber drive roller) is cleaned and free of debris.
Once cleaned, close up the housing, turn the printer back 'ON,' and run a test print.

Printer not recognized by the computer

If the printer is not recognized by the computer you might have to reconnect the printer to the computer.

First, turn the printer 'OFF' and select the printer from 'Printer & Scanner' option in Settings. Once you have found the printer, delete it from the list.
Now reconnect the printer from 'Add Printer & Scanners' (Windows) and set the printer as default. Run a test print to see if the computer now recognizes the printer. If the issue still persists, remove the printer from the computer and perform a Factory Reset (see below). Once the reset has been complete, reconnect the printer again.

Factory Reset

If you need to reset the printer to its original factory settings, you will need to turn 'OFF' the printer. Then press and hold the 'Test' button. While still holding the 'Test' button, turn the printer 'ON' to reset the printer. After a few seconds, you should start hearing the printer cutter. At this point, you can stop holding the 'Test' button as the printer has now reset itself.

Try and run a Boca test print with a new ticket.