Post-Event Emails and Reviews

With 'Post-Event Emails and Reviews,' you are able to thank your ticket buyers for supporting you, showcase other upcoming events, and also get them to leave you reviews. The reviews that you get aren't made visible and help you to determine where you can improve if needed or can be used to surprise and delight guest that have left positive reviews to promote brand engagement. 'Post-Event Emails and Reviews' can be set at an organization level, or overridden at an event level. 




Organization Level

To set up Post-Event Emails and reviews at an organization level, you will need to open up your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Organization Info.'




You will then need to select Post-Event Emails (previously called Thank You Emails) on the left hand side.




You will then be able to choose if you'd like to enable an organization wide 'Post-Event Email' at $0.05 per email, and are also able to edit the pre-populated message that is displayed.




Next, you can choose to enable event promotions in the email that goes out and can also edit the pre-populated email message.




Finally, you can choose to enable ratings & review requests in the email as well as edit the pre-populated email message.




Select 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page and thank you emails will now be sent out at the end of each event.


Event Level

If you'd like to enable 'Post-Event Emails' for specific events, you will need to go and edit the event you would like them enabled on and select 'Advanced Options.'




You will have 3 options to choose from:

  • Use Default Venue Level Setting: Uses the default settings set above
  • Do Not Send Post-Event Emails: If the venue settings are to send a Post-Event Email, this will make sure one doesn't go out for this event
  • Send Post-Event Email: You can send out a Post-Event Email for this specific event




Once the setting is selected, save your event and it will be applied.


Finding Ratings & Reviews

If you have ratings and reviews enabled, you will be able to see them by opening your dashboard pop-out menu and selecting 'Network Management.'




On the left hand side select 'Ratings.'




Any ratings and reviews that you have will be shown in this section.

Please note: Ratings and reviews are only visible to you, and not externally visible to other ticket buyers.