Scanning the Universal QR Code

The universal QR code stores all of the ticket buyers purchases under a single QR code. This is all that the ticket buyer will need to present in order to scan in for an event.  

In order to scan in using the QR code, you will need to open the scanning app and go to your Dashboard




If you have multiple venues associated to your login you will need to select the one that contains the event you will be scanning in for. Once the venue has been chosen, you will then select Check-In





You will then see a list of all the events you have and will need to select the one(s) that you will be scanning in for and hit continue




The scanner will open and you will need to tap the screen in order to start scanning 




If there is only one ticket associated with the QR code, you will see the following message on the scanner




If there are multiple tickets, you will see the following




Select the + sign and the tickets will open up. You have the option to select all of the tickets, or select only certain ones




Once the tickets are selected, you will see a confirmation message pop up and the ticket holder will be scanned in