Create an Event - Basic Settings

To create an event, you will need to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Create Event.'




The first section you will need to fill in is the basic section:

  • Event Name: The name of your event
  • Desired event link/slug: Auto populates from the event name but you can change it before you publish the event 
  • Banner Image: The image you'd like to have displayed for the event
  • Description: A description of the event so ticket buyers know what they're purchasing tickets for 



  • Categories: You can select from a dropdown menu of categories
  • Tags: Any additional tags to help people find your event
  • Visibility
    • Public: Your event is visible on the Showpass site to everyone 
    • Hidden: Your event is not publicly visible on the Showpass site. Event is only accessible from the direct event url
    • Visible to sellers only: Only sellers in your network can see the event in their box office
    • Visible to public only: The event is listed on the Showpass site but sellers can't view it in their box office




You will then need to fill in the Location & Info:

  • Location: You are able to select from a drop down of locations you've created, or search for an address
  • Add Location: Allows you to add in and name a specific location
  • Edit Location: Allows you to edit a location you've added
  • Online Event: Shows the event as online



Next, you will need to edit the 'Event Date & Time':

  • Event Starts: The start date and time of the event which is editable by clicking the icons beside the date and time 
  • Event Ends: The end date and time of the event which is editable by clicking the icons beside the date and time 



Finally, you will need to add in your 'Ticket Types' for the event you are creating:

  • Ticket Name: The name of your ticket
  • Inventory: How many tickets are available
  • Price: The price of the ticket
  • Add New Ticket Type: Clicking this button allows you to add more ticket types
  • Deleting a Ticket Type: If you would like to delete a ticket type, simply click on the trash icon beside the price


Once all of the information has been filled out, you can either 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' the event on the left hand side.




If you'd like to use 'Advanced Settings' to set up an event, check out this article!