Basic Assigned Seating and Venue Layouts

To get started building your layout, head over to the ‘Venue Layout’ section of your main dashboard menu.



Select ‘New Layout.’




Add in your ‘Layout Name.’




From here, select ‘+Section’ to start creating areas to build over.
Please note: You must create a section before you can add rows or tables.




Once your section has been created, click into it and you can create your desired tables or rows on top of it.



If you would like to change the size of the seats on your map, you will need to click the dropdown beside Seat Settings on the left hand side.




Please note: You are only able to change the ‘Seat size’ for the whole map, not on a row by row basis like you are able to with the ‘Seat spacing.’

On the right hand side, you will be able to adjust the following:


Section Editing:


  • Section name: You will be able to either input a number or wording for the section that you are creating
  • Rotation: You will be able to rotate the section you created by either using the sliding bar, or inputting a number right under it
  • Duplication: Selecting this will duplicate the section you have already created (the section will be right on top of the original so it will need to be moved)
  • Flipping Horizontal/Vertical: Selecting this will flip the rows inside of the section you have created
  • Delete: Selecting this will delete the section you have created


Standing / GA Editing:


  • Location Name: You will be able to change the name of the GA area
  • Capacity: This allows you to set the capacity for the GA area created
  • Rotation: You are able to rotate the GA area either by moving the sliding bar, or by entering a number under it 
  • Duplication Offset: You can enter a number to adjust the spacing between duplicated areas
  • Duplicate: Duplicates the GA area that you have created
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the GA area


Row and Table Editing:


  • Location name: You will be able to input a number or wording to name the row or table that you have created
  • Capacity: You will be able to change how many seats are in a row or table
  • Offset: Inputting a number here will change what number the seats in a row or table begin at 
  • Step: The number you input here will offset how the seat numbers changed (ex. you need odd seat numbers)
  • Rotation: Allows you to rotate the view of the row or table by either moving the sliding bar, or entering a number below
  • Seat Spacing: To adjust the spacing of the seats in a row, simply click the Override button and you will be able to enter in your spacing required
  • Duplication Offset: Changes how the rows or tables are spaced out from each other when duplicated
Remember to hit the 'Save' button to ensure all your latest work is updated.




If you require a photo of your venue map to be uploaded prior to building your seating map, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send an email to 


Please note the following:

  • Minimum and Maximum purchase limits are compatible with assigned seating
  • Venue layouts are not available with the Basic Package.
  • If you need help linking the venue layout to your event, please refer to this article.