Custom Ticket Packages

Custom ticket packages give your ticket buyers the ability to customize their ticket selections from a list of options! The custom ticket package option is available during the public checkout process and  now also compatible with box office purchases.


Parent Event: This is the event that contains the parent ticket type.

Child Event: This is the event that contains the child ticket types (there can be multiple child events).

Parent Ticket: This is the ticket that ticket buyers purchase that send them all of the individual tickets in the package.

Child Ticket: This is the ticket that gets sent out when someone purchases a package (there can be multiple child tickets).

Inventory Note: There will only ever be 1 parent ticket per package, but child tickets will vary based on what is included in the ticket package.


Creating a Custom Ticket Package

To create a custom ticket package, you will want to ensure that your events and ticket types are created in order to get started. Once they're created, you will want to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Ticket Packages.'




You will then want to select 'Create Ticket Package' in the top right hand corner.




Select 'Custom' and then press 'Next.'




You will need to add in a name for the ticket package (this is only visible to the organizer), the parent event, and the parent ticket type and then select 'Next.'




You will then need to fill in the following information:

  • Category Name: Categories are the section that contain the tickets your ticket buyers can choose from.
  • Selection Limit: Number of options the ticket buyer is required to select from that category
  • Quantity of Tickets: Number of tickets the ticket buyer is issued from the selection.
  • Ticket Type Options
    • Event: The event where the options will be.
    • Ticket Type: Which ticket type the ticket buyer can choose from
  • Note: You are able to add as many categories and selection to each category as you'd like

To add a new ticket type, select 'Add Child Ticket' and to add another category select 'Add Category.'




Once you've added in your last category, you will need to select 'Save Category' before you can finalize the package.




Once all of your categories are saved, select 'Finish' and your package will now be available for ticket buyers.




Custom packages work with assigned seating as well. To use this feature with assigned seating, you will need to create a parent event that the package can be bought from that does not have seating attached. You can create a custom package with a mix of different events that use both assigned seating spaces, and GA tickets.

Please note: This feature is only available for Standard and Premium Showpass accounts. If you would like to upgrade your account to gain access to this, please email


Customer Facing

If someone selects the ticket package to purchase, the following screen will show up with the first set of options that the ticket buyer can choose from.




The ticket buyer will choose what option they'd like and then will select 'Next.'




On their last selection will need to select 'Add to Cart.'




A message will pop up saying the package was successfully added to the card and the ticket buyer can then proceed to the checkout page. 





Box Office Compatibility

In order to sell 'Custom Ticket Packages' from the Box Office, you will need to first create a 'Custom Ticket Package' as per the above instructions.
From there, you will be able to go to your Box Office from the dashboard pop-out menu.
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.01.59 AM.png
Choose the quantity and ticket from your list of available tickets.
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.02.47 AM.png
A screen will pop up and show you all of the selections you can choose from, as well as how many.
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.03.50 AM.png
Once you have chosen one option, it will show you how many more options the person is able to select from.
Once all of the selections have been made, you can add more tickets to the person cart, or proceed through the normal checkout process.