Connect your Showpass Tickets to an existing Facebook Event

Many event organizers will create a Facebook event weeks or even months before they begin selling tickets through Showpass. In cases such as these, you will want to connect your new or existing Showpass Event to your existing Facebook Event Page. Doing this will allow you to sell tickets for your event directly within Facebook. Any tickets sold on Facebook will be automatically pushed into Showpass. 

You must be either an editor or admin of your Facebook event page to complete this process.

Please note: Linking your Showpass Event to an existing Facebook Event currently does not support events with assigned seating, nor does it support recurring events.


If you have not yet created a Facebook Event Page and are looking to create a new Facebook Event Page for the first time, check out that process here. If you have already created a Facebook Event Page, then proceed to the next steps below.


First, create your event on Showpass.

Find the Showpass Event on the Manage Events page and click Facebook Integration.


You will be taken to the Facebook integration page. If you have not yet authorized Showpass to connect with your Facebook page, you will be prompted to login with your account (remember, admin or editor access required!)

Click 'Add tickets to an existing Facebook event.'



Select the 'Facebook Page' from the drop down.


Select the 'Facebook Event' to connect your tickets to.Screen_Shot_2022-08-31_at_12.16.16_PM.png

Once you select the 'Facebook Event,' your events ticket types will be displayed, select the tickets you want to sell on Facebook by using the checkbox on the right hand side.


Click 'Link Tickets to Facebook.'