Checkout Link

Checkout links are used to simplify the checkout process for ticket buyers. As an organizer, you can create a checkout link that will pre-populate a basket allowing for a faster and easier checkout process!

Please Note: Assigned seating events can't use the checkout link functionality

Creating a Checkout Link

On your dashboard pop-out menu you will need to select Tracking Links




Click on Create Tracking Link on the top left hand side of the page




Ensure Checkout Link is selected and then enter in a description and make sure that the event is selected that you would like to send the link for




Once the event has been selected, you will be prompted to fill in the quantity of tickets that you want sent to people with access to the link (people will still be able to add or delete tickets during the checkout process) - select create link once that has been filled in




You will need to copy the newly created tracking link in order to send it out




After the tracking link is sent out, you will be able to track analytics from any visitors that have used it!