Adding an Organization as an External Seller

To add an organization as an external seller, you will need to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Manage Events.'




Find the event you would like to add the external seller(s) to and from the gear box select 'Edit Sellers.'





You can then search for the organization(s) that you would like to be able to sell each ticket type.




Please note: The organization must be registered on Showpass to be added as an external seller.

If you would like to disable an organization(s) access, click on the checkmark at the top of the organizations circle.




You can also select which payment methods the external sellers are allowed to accept as well.




You are also able to choose if you give the external organization access to the event stats or not.




This is what the External Organization will be able to access if they do NOT have full Stats Access: 




This is what the External Organization will be able to access if they DO have full Stats Access: 




Even if an external organization doesn't have stats access to your event, they will still be able to see the transactions that they have made.