Guestlist widget

Customize and install the Showpass guestlist widget to allow customers to sign up for guestlists directly from your site


The Showpass Guestlist Widget easily integrates your events into your website, allowing customers to sign up for guestlists directly from your site. The widget is customizable and automatically updates with your events allowing you to incorporate your branding and save time on website edits. 

Once logged in, head over to the Dashboard, click the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then select Widgets at the bottom of the list. It is also found here:

**Please note you need to have the Manage Widgets permissions enabled in order to be able to access this section.

Once you are on the widgets page, click the Book Guestlist button.

Basic Info


Enter a name for your widget (something related to your organization and event) as this will be used to identify where each request came from.


Choose the default time that each request will set to, as the widget does not allow users to select a time.

For example, if someone enters their information in the widget requesting a guestlist for Friday June 1, 2018, and it is approved, the guestlist time will be set to whatever you chose as the default time.

**Once you set the name and default time, you are required to save your widget in order to complete the next steps. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click save.

Basic Fields

To enable/disable fields, click the red/green Disable/Enable button to the right of each field title. Red means the field is disabled, green means the field is enabled.


Enable Events if you want visitors to be able to browse events and select which one they would like to book a guestlist for. 


Enable Reasons allows you to collect data as to the why your visitors are requesting guestlists. Some examples include birthdays, stagettes, or corporate functions. You can add as many fields as you want. Simply fill in the name of the reason, and click add.


Enable Birthday field if you want visitors to enter their birthday.


Enable Phone Number field if you want visitors to enter their phone number.


Enable dark theme to have your widget with a dark background, otherwise, you can leave it disabled and it will be the default light background.


Maximum Number of Guests is the total amount of guests that can be added to a guestlist. Default is 15 guests. Screen_Shot_2020-03-03_at_7.26.21_PM.png

Theme colour controls the color of the selected inputs and the submit button. Either enter in your brands hex code color, or use the color picker.


If you have email campaign lists set up through your network page, you can automatically add people who submit the guestlist to your email list. You can add to as many lists as you want from each guest list submission.  Learn about Email Campaigns in this support article.


Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to collect whatever kind of data you want. You can add basic input fields, or select boxes.

Simply click the Add Field button, and a dialog box will pop up where you can enter in details of this new custom field.


This is what will be displayed above the place where the visitor will enter in their answer.

Help Text

This is the placeholder of the input, which is displayed before the user starts to enter in their answer


This is the type of input you want to create, either a basic 'Text Input' or a 'Select Box.'


If you chose 'Select Box' as your input type, you will need to enter in some options. Simply enter each option, and press the tab or enter/return button on your keyboard to add each option.

To remove an option, just click the grey X icon on the right of each blue option.


You can select whether or not the user is required to answer this custom field before they can submit the guestlist. 

Click 'Okay' on the dialog popup to save your custom field.

Adding to your Website

Once you have customized and added all of your fields, make sure you save your widget. On the right hand side you will see a text box with some HTML code. Select all of that code, and go Edit > Copy, which will copy the code to your clipboard.

Once you have your code copied, open up the administrator dashboard of your website. 

Please note: This is not the same as your Showpass Dashboard.

Navigate to the page or post where you want to post your new guest list widget and click edit. Depending on your website editor, you may need to add a code block, or select a basic text editor instead of a visual editor. 

Paste the widget code into the editor and click 'Save.' Your widget should be displaying on your website after you refresh the page.