Refunding Tickets

You have the ability to refund tickets right from the transactions page. 

Note: If you are a ticket buyer looking for information on how to receive a refund, checkout our FAQ page here

If you don't know the specific event, go to the general Transactions page on your dashboard pop-out menu




However if you do know the event, you can go to the event specific Transactions page




On the left hand side, you will have multiple options to help you filter and find the transaction that you are looking for

Once the transactions is found, select the gear box in the bottom left hand corner and choose Refund




Refund all is selected by default and the only time you'd want to uncheck it is if you wanted to refund certain tickets in the transaction if there are multiple, or if you want to refund a portion of the purchase price




The following are the types of refunds available:

  • Partial Refund: This allows you to refund a specific amount from the transaction and if there are multiple tickets, will recommend the price paid for one
  • Full Refund: Refunds the customer face value and taxes (no Showpass or Organizer fees)
  • Full Refund + Org. Fees + Commissions: Refunds the customer face value, taxes, and the organizer portion of fees back (no Showpass fees)
  • Full Refund + Org. Fees + Commissions + Showpass Fees (Fees Invoiced): Refunds customers their full payment amount (Showpass fees will be invoiced to the organizer)

Once the type of refund has been chosen, select save

A new transaction will appear showing the refund 




Please note: Refunds can't be reversed