Refunding Tickets

Refunding transactions is done through the Transactions page. Follow these steps:

1. Find the Transaction:

  • If you don't know the event, go to the 'Transactions' page in your dashboard.




  • If you know the event, go to the event-specific 'Transactions' page, or filter by that event in the 'Transactions' page.



2. Filter and Locate:

  • Use the options on the left to filter and find your transaction.


3. Initiate Refund:

  • Click the gear icon in the bottom left corner and choose 'Refund.'




4. Refund Options:

  • By default, 'Refund All' is selected. Uncheck it if you want to refund specific tickets or a portion of the purchase price.




5. Choose Refund Type:

  • Select from:

    • Partial Refund: Refund a specific amount.
    • Full Refund: Refund customer face value and taxes.
    • Full Refund + Org. Fees + Commissions: Refund face value, taxes, and organizer fees.
    • Full Refund + Org. Fees + Commissions + Showpass Fees (Fees Invoiced): Refund full payment with Showpass fees.

6. Void Consideration:

  • If issuing partial refunds, deselect the barcode checkbox to avoid voiding the tickets if necessary.

7. Save and Confirm:

  • Click 'Save' to process the refund. A new transaction will confirm the refund.




Please note: Refunds cannot be reversed.

If you are a ticket buyer looking for information on how to receive a refund, checkout our FAQ page here