Updating your Organizer Profile

Your organizer profile contains the essential information for your organization. To access this section, you will need to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select 'Organization Info.'
From there, you will want to make sure that the necessary sections are filled out properly.

Basic Info

This section is where you input the basic information for your organization. Most of this should autofill based on the sign-up process, but ensure that the organization name and address are correct. 

This is also where you can enable a support email, discounts, and abandoned cart emails.



The branding section allows you to change any of the images that you uploaded during registration. In this section, you are also able to add links to any of your social accounts. This is also where you can control and update your organization description, the subscription message, and the checkout message. 


Business Schedule

The business schedule section allows you to input your organizations hours so when people pull up your profile, they can easily view this.


Enabled Modules

Enable modules allows you to select some features that you would like to enable such as guestlists!


Financial Settings

Having your financial settings filled out is crucial before you go on sale. This is where you can add in different fees and taxes, as well as choose whether the fees are absorbed or on top of a purchase. 

The Refund Policy for your organization also gets filled out in this section, as well as a custom statement descriptor if you are on a Stripe processor. Creating a clear description of your organization through the statement descriptor will aid in clarifying the charge to purchasers and help mitigate chargebacks.


Thank You Emails

The thank you emails section allows you to enable thank you emails as well as customize the message that gets sent to ticket buyers at the end of an event. 

With this feature, you are also able to promote upcoming events and allow customer reviews and ratings and customize the messages that ticket buyers see.



This section allows you to integrate and whitelist Showpass on your own website.


Payment Details and Authorization

The payment details and authorization is another crucial section that needs to be filled out. Without this, you will not receive your event payout in a timely manner.

There is also a section to allow for PADs, which makes it easy for Showapss to withdraw any money you may owe us.


Terms & Conditions

This section allows you to link external terms and conditions that purchasers must agree to in order to complete their purchase. Ensuring you have terms and conditions for your organization added reinforces any individual refund and cancellation policies you have listed on your events. We recommend you add these whenever possible.


Event Upselling

This section allows you to enable event upselling. If this is enabled, then ticket buyers will be prompted to purchase tickets to any other upcoming events you may have during the checkout process.



This section is where you can enter your information for any third party tracking such as Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, and Adwords.

If you'd like to preview what your Organizer Profile looks like to the public, click on the menu in the top lefthand corner and select "Public Profile". 

Your Organizer Profile also contains a list of any events you have upcoming, marketplace products available for sale, or any Memberships that are available for purchase.