Marketplace - Products

If your current plan does not allow you access to this feature, please contact to upgrade your account.


Marketplace allows you to sell products and event add-ons. These can range from merchandise such as clothing and posters to event add-ons such as drink tickets.

Your 'Marketplace' can be accessed via the Dashboard pop-out menu.




Creating a Product

To create a product, you will need to select 'New Product' in the top right hand side.




The first section that needs to be filled out is the product info:

  • Product Name: The name of the product you are creating
  • Description: A brief description of the product
  • Product Image: An image of the product
  • Category: Categorization of the product. Product is the default, but you are able to create your own categories as well




Next up is where you enter in the inventory of the product.

  • Variant Name: The name of the product variant
  • Inventory: How much of the product is available
  • Purchase Limit: If there is a purchase limit
  • SKU: SKU if there is one
  • Price: Price of the product
  • Add New Product Type: Allows you to add in more product variants




The visibility is how the product is shown and you are able to toggle as many as you'd like.

  • Venue Page: This will be visible to all buyers to allow them to purchase standalone items from your general venue page
  • Staff Box Office Page: This allows staff members to sell the product from your box office page as a standalone item
  • Checkout Process: This allows you to suggest the product as an Add On during the checkout process
    • Include for all events: The product will be shown during checkout for all events
    • Include for certain events: The product will be shown during checkout for only the selected events
    • Exclude from certain events: The product will be shown at check out on all events except for the ones selected
  • Product Sale Notifications: If a product is sold, a notification will be sent to employees so they are able to prep it if it requires shipping
  • Allow Product Transfers: Having this box checked allows customers to transfer their products




The delivery method is only visible if you have shipping enabled on your account. If you don't but would like it, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or If it's enabled, you will have the following options:

  •  Electronic Ticket: The product will be an electronic ticket sent to the purchaser
  • Standard Shipping: The product will be mailed to the purchaser
    • Shipping Cost: The cost to ship the product
    • Fee Method
      • Per Item: Each item will be charged the fee
      • Per ticket type/product: The fee will only be applied to the total
  • Will Call/Pick Up: Products will be avaialable for pickup from a specified location
  • Do not combine shipping costs: If this is selected, shipping costs will not be combined, but the highest rate will be applicable if purchased with other items requiring shipping.




Financial settings are the last thing that will need to be filled in on the product. More information on financial settings can be found in this article.




Once everything is filled in correctly, select 'Save & Finish.'

Once the product is saved, you will be taken back to the main marketplace page where you can edit the product, view the stats on it, and also copy a link for people to access it.




Creating and Editing a Category

Categories are used to classify the types of products that you sell. All products will need to be categorized, and you can use the same category for multiple products. By default, Product is the category that shows up when creating a new product, but you can create and name your own.

To create a category, select 'New Category' on the top right hand side. 




Fill in what you'd like the category to be and select 'Save.'




If you'd like to edit a category, simply select 'Edit Categories' on the top right hand side.




A list of your categories will pop up, and to edit any, select the 'Edit' button.




You are then able to edit the category name, and see which products are categorized under that specific category.