Install Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel

Add your pixel to Showpass to automatically push conversion data to your Facebook Pixel


Install your Facebook Pixel directly into Showpass to track your conversions.

  1. Login to Facebook and navigate to your Ads Manager
  2. Click the Ads Manager menu in the top left
  3. Click on "Pixels"
  4. If you don't see "Pixels" click "All Tools" then "Pixels" under "Measure & Report"

5. If you do not have a Facebook Pixel created, follow the steps to create a pixel
6. Your Facebook Pixel ID is the string of numbers under your Ad Account name, beside "Facebook Pixel ID"

7. Highlight and copy that string of numbers (CMD or CTRL + C)
8. Navigate to your Organization Info page and click the "Analytics Tab"
9. Paste the Pixel ID into the Facebook Pixel input & click "Save"


10. You should see data starting to be tracked within 24 hours.

NOTE: If you do not see data within 24 hours then please check that you have the correct pixel installed or contact support.


What data does Showpass send to Facebook?

We send standard event data to Facebook for these following events.

Ecommerce Events

  • PageView & ViewContent : All public event pages event detail pages
  • AddToCart: When adding to cart
  • InitiateCheckout: Landing on the checkout page
  • Purchase: Purchase is completed

Form Events

  • RegistrationComplete: Guestlist is submitted through the widget