Updating Your Profile

If you'd like to update information on your Showpass profile, you will need to log-in and select 'Profile' from the drop down menu in the top right corner.
You will be taken to your 'Personal Info' page where you are able to update your first name, last name, and phone number associated with your account. If you make any changes to this page, you will need to select 'Save' at the bottom to ensure your changes are saved.
You can expand your Profile section on the left hand side menu to continue making changes.
Once you have expanded it, you will be able to see what other items you are able to make changes to.
Please note: You must hit 'Save' at the bottom of each section in order for the changes to be made.
To update the email that is associated to your account, select 'Email' from the left hand side menu. You are required to input your account password to ensure that it is actually you making the change.
To change your account password, select 'Password' from the left hand side menu and input your old password, and what you would like your updated password to be.
To edit your payment method information associated with your profile, select 'Payment' from the left hand side menu.
Additionally, you are able to delete payment methods from your account by selecting the three dots beside the method you have on file and click on Delete
To update what type of notifications you receive, click on notifications on the left hand side menu