Preset Ticket Package

Ticket packages are useful when you want to sell multiple tickets in a bundle, package, or pass. 


Parent Event: This is the event that contains the parent ticket type

Child Event: This is the event that contains the child ticket types (there can be multiple child events)

Parent Ticket: This is the ticket that ticket buyers purchase that send them all of the individual tickets in the package

Child Ticket: This is the ticket that gets sent out when someone purchases a package (there can be multiple child tickets)

Inventory Note: There will only ever be 1 parent ticket per package, but child tickets will vary based on what is included in the ticket package


Creating a Ticket Package

The first thing will you need to do before building your package, is create the event where the ticket package will live. You will need to ensure that all of the ticket types and prices are added to the event, including a ticket type and price for the package that you are creating. You will also want to ensure that any other child events that will be included in the package are also created.
Once this is complete, you will want to navigate to your dashboard pop-out menu and select Ticket Packages
Click on Create Ticket Package in the top right hand corner
Choose Preset and then click on Next
You will then need to create a Package Name, select the Parent Event and choose Parent Ticket Type
You will then need to choose the Child Events & Ticket Types
Please Note: The child event and ticket types can be in the same event as the parent, or you can choose completely different events depending on what you'd like to be included in the package you are creating
You can include as many different child events as you'd like. To add more child events and tickets, you just need to click on Add Child Ticket
Once finished adding child events and tickets to your package, select Save Package
Your package will now be visible on the Ticket Packages main page and you will be able to see the details of the package, delete it, and edit it
When people click into the parent event, they will now have the option to purchase the package that you have created!