Selling Tickets from the Box Office

From a Desktop

To start selling tickets from your box office through a desktop you can either navigate to your dashboard pop out menu and select Sell Tix




Or you can navigate to your dashboard pop out menu and select Manage Events




And then select Sell Tix at the top of the page




Either way will take you to the following page




The first column will show all of your events and products that are available for sale. Events will show up first and products will show up near the bottom. You can also search for a specific event or product using the search bar




Once you have selected the quantity of tickets they will then show up in the Cart Summary where you can also apply discounts codes or ticket credits




In the purchase Details section, you will then need to select if the person is a new or existing customer. If they are existing, you can search for their information and if not, then you will need to enter it in




After that you will need to select the following:

  • Ticket/Product & Receipt Delivery
    • Print: Downloads the tickets to your computer so that you can ptrint them off on a local printer
    • Email: Sends the tickets and receipts directly to your buyers email
    • Note: You are able to choose different methods for Ticket/Products and Receipt deliver
  • Payment Method
    • Cash: No service fees will be charged and no additional details are required
      • You are responsible for accepting and handling of cash
    • Card: Requires the customers credit card details and service fees will be charged unless they are absorbed by the organizer
    • Complimentary: The entire cart will be free
      • This option is limited to people who have the Advanced Box Office employee permissions
    • Include in Stats: unchecking this will automatically set the tickets to complimentary 




Once the selections are made, you are able to put the tickets on hold or process the order




From Mobile

Open up the Showpass App and select Sell Inventory 




Scroll to find your event, or search for it by selecting the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner. Once found, you can add tickets by selecting the + sign on the ticket type




Once you've selected the tickets, you can hit the Subtotal button and will be taken to the checkout screen. You can add in a discount code, choose the payment method and also choose if you'd like the tickets to automatically be checked in




Once you select Confirm, you will be prompted to add in the ticket buyers information




On the next screen you will be prompted to input the card information if the card payment type was chosen




If you get a green success message, the order has been processed




Quick Mobile POS

This option allows you sell basic tickets quickly. You will need to log-in to the app and select Quick POS




You will be taken to the next page where you can choose to immediately check in the items, select the tickets, and then choose between cash or credit




If credit is selected, you will be taken to the next page where you will need to fill in the card information




You will get a message saying the order has been completed once it goes through successfully