Configuring The Wordpress API

Configuration Settings

Configure the parameters by going to the Showpass API and entering the following details:
  • Organization ID - this is your venue ID from which you want to get events from. ex. 3823 - will get all events from venue with ID = 3823. (You can find your organization ID by going to ‘Organization Info’ in your organizer dashboard)
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.44.49 AM.png
  • Widget Color - The hex code for the primary colour of the Showpass widget ex. #ff0000 - red.
  • Keep Shopping - By default, the widget has a button that says "Keep Shopping" that closes the widget when clicked. You can have it simply say "Close" or any other custom label.

Once you have the Showpass Events API Plugin installed, you are ready to add various features to your site. For more documentation on the features and shortcodes, click here.