Mass Distribute

So you're a distributor and you'd like to transfer a lot of tickets all at once. Now what?! You can either follow the tutorial video below or the instructions found on this page.
As a distributor, when you select the ‘Mass Distribute’ option from the lefthand side menu in 'Group Sales', you will be able to complete a series of steps that will allow you to send a mass number of items (tickets, products, and/or memberships) at once. This is useful if, for example, you need to send 100 different tickets to 10 different contacts. This will save time and reduce redundancy.

First, you will need to download the CSV template found by clicking the 'Download Template' button. Open the document and fill in the email addresses for the people you wish to transfer to, as well as the quantity of items you wish to distribute to each person using the following format in the screenshot below:



Once completed, upload the CSV file in the dropbox area and the emails along with the quantity of tickets will populate in the area below.


If all the transfer details are accurate, you can click the ‘Transfer’ button in the bottom right corner to proceed.




Click 'Transfer' when you are ready and a green screen will appear to let you know that the transfer was successful and your uploaded contacts have been sent their tickets!