Installing Facebook Conversions API

Enable Facebook Conversions API for your Showpass assets to go alongside your Facebook Pixel integration.


Showpass offers a Facebook Conversions API integration to complement a Facebook Pixel configuration.

To set up these features to their full capabilities, you will need full access to your Facebook Pixel property.


  1. To install, you’ll need access to the same Facebook Pixel you configured in Installing Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel
  2. On the same page where you get your Pixel ID, scroll down until you see a section labeled ‘Conversions API.’
  3.  Under the `Set up manually` section, click on `Generate access token` to generate an access token. 
  4.  Add this access token to your analytics configuration in the ‘Organization Info’ dashboard.
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Generating access tokens

Please note: This access token will only be generated and seen once through the Facebook dashboards.  Generating a new access token will break your previous access token.


What data does Showpass send to Facebook Conversions API?

Showpass follows the best practices for Conversions API. For every analytics event sent through our Pixel implementation, we send a Conversions API event to ensure Facebook receives these analytic events. 



  • This integration does not track purchases made through any of our iPhone, iPad or Android applications, and does not track sales through our staff box office.
  • Once complete, you should start seeing data in your analytics property within 24 hours. If you do not see data within 24 hours, please check that you have the correct pixel installed or contact support.



Low Event Match Quality score

Depending on the nature of an analytics event, a low event match quality score could be expected.


PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart

These analytics events may have a low event match quality score, depending on your advertising region. To increase the score, Facebook relies on additional information about a user performing the action that causes the analytics event (eg. First Name, Email, Phone Number etc.). 

These events can be performed on our platform without requiring a user account. As such additional data may not be available to be sent leading to a lower match quality score.


Not meeting Event Deduplication best practices

Facebook's deduplication algorithms rely on a unique random ID to be sent through Pixel and Conversion API.

These unique random IDs are only available to valid user accounts on our platform. As such additional data may not always be available to be sent.


Data Freshness

In order to optimize our customer service, Showpass implements specialized measures throughout our infrastructure to enhance performance and minimize downtime.

Depending on our server load, there may be occasions when analytic events are not transmitted in real-time.