Building Memberships

Once your Client Success Manager has enabled the Memberships feature for you, you can start building your customizable Membership Groups and Levels.

Create Membership Group

Membership Groups and Levels are made in our current dashboard.
First, select ‘Memberships’ from the dropdown menu.
Then, select ‘Create Group’ to start making memberships.


Here, you can add the following Membership Group information:
  • Membership Name
  • Renewal Frequency
  • Visibility
  • Expiry Date & Time
  • Membership Image
  • Membership Description




Please note: To create a level you must have the Group saved first by clicking 'Create Group.'


Add Membership Levels

'Membership Levels' are found in the tab to the right of the 'Membership Group Info.'

Levels are where you apply:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Inventory
  • Visibility: You have the option to select who is able to see the level from the following options
    • Public: Public and sellers can see it
    • Hidden: No one can see it (ideal when building/editing memberships prior to launch)
    • Sellers only: Only sellers can see it
    • Public only: Public can see it, but sellers cannot
  • Purchase Limits: This is the maximum number of memberships a customer can order
Once you are satisfied with your Level, click 'Save.' 

You able to add as many Levels as you want!