You can request Showpass to enable a suborganization registration page for your organization. This allows for a parent organization to have oversight over multiple child organizations, while also sharing a fee structure and banking settings.
This feature is available for all users. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to have this feature enabled.
Once enabled, there is a form to fill out. You can access this form from the organization info page ‘Add Sub-organization.’
Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 2.39.00 PM.png
The form requires that the organization’s internal info field be filled out. The company will provide their ‘Organization Code,’ which is for internal tracking purposes. Each organization code needs to be unique to the suborganization to avoid duplicates being created.
A confirmation email will then be sent, adding employees that are in the ‘confirmation email’ field, for which there can be multiple.
Once confirmed, the user who submitted the request will be emailed to let them know the suborganization was approved and they can now start creating events in Showpass. The fee structure and banking information is also copied over to the child organization.
If denied, the user will get an email letting them know that the suborganization request was denied.
Upon completion, the form creates an organization and ties it to the parent.
Please note: The suborganization cannot be used until the main organization approves the suborganization in the confirmation email.