Showpass Checkin (Gold) App

Showpass' new Checkin (Gold) App comes preinstalled on Showpass devices and is currently not available for public downloading.
Please note: Make sure that the app is up to date and that you are using the latest versions of iOS/Android to ensure full compatibility.

Latest Version: 1.14 (CP: v2)

If you experience authentication issues:  
Android: Clear the cache to resolve issues. This only needs to be done once.
To do this, swipe up from the bottom to access ‘Settings.’ Select ‘Apps and Notifications’ to see all device apps. Select the Showpass app you are experiencing issues with. Click ‘Storage and Cache’ and choose ‘Clear Storage.’ The option clears both storage and cache and should resolve your issues.
iOS: Uninstall and reinstall app.
iOS Version Compatibility: 12.0 and up
Android Version Compatibility: 6.0 and up
Click here to learn how to scan memberships with the Gold app.


Logging In

When logging in, you will be asked to select the organization you wish to enter.
After selecting the desired organization, you will be taken to the main page, where you have the option to toggle between ‘Upcoming Event’ and ‘Past Events.’


After selecting the event you wish to scan people in, you will click the ‘Next’ button.
This will take you to the page where you can select which Ticket Types to scan in.
Please note: You are also able to ‘Create Preset’ here as well.
Once you have selected the Ticket Types you wish the scan, click the ‘Start Scanning’ button.
Please note: Make sure that the app allows access to the device camera so that the scanner can read and process barcodes.
You will then be able to ‘Checkin’ guests using barcodes as well as Universal QR Codes.
For every session you start, you will be able to see the Scan History.
Please note: Scanning history is refreshed with every new session.
By clicking ‘Stats’ at the bottom, you will be able to see the ‘Checkin’ stats for every time slot of the event.


The ‘Products’ tab on the main page will allow you to scan barcodes and QR codes for products. After selecting which products you want to scan in, click ‘Next.’
This action will take you to the same menu as when you selecting the Ticket Types you wanted to scan. Click ‘Start Scanning’ and it will take you to the same scanning page as before.


When selecting the ‘Presets’ tab on the main page, choose you can select from your existing preset options and click the ‘Next’ button to take you to the pages previously mentioned.


Clicking on the calendar icon in the corner of the screen, will take you to the filter where you can search for upcoming and past events by date. Once the date range has been selected, click ‘Save.’ If you want to clear the filter, click ‘Reset.’

Checking In Guests Without Tickets

If you have a guest who forgot/lost their tickets and are looking to check into an event, you are also able to search for them and check them in using the Gold App.
When you are on the scanning page, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner.
This will bring up the option to search for a customer using either a barcode, name, or email address.
When you search for your customer, you can select either tickets or products to check in. Make your selection and click ‘Check In’ at the bottom of the screen.’
A green screen will then pop up to show that the check in was successful.

Showpass Icon

Clicking the Showpass icon in the top right corner will take you to a page with the Support link, which will then take you to our Zendesk articles.
This is also where you can sign out. Remember to do so once done with your session!